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Country Furniture

Our Country Collection is a customer favorite. It has a rustic, organic, and masculine look. The pristine quality and unique character of the tables in this collection never fail to impress. Our customers regularly share anecdotes with us which are invariably about how quickly the collection sells, how aesthetically pleasing the tables are, and how happy new owners are with their purchases.

People's constantly growing need for nature as well as for natural, non-processed wood encouraged us to create the Country Collection in the first place. This collection includes elements of original natural leather and the exquisite beauty of Siberian oak or pine. "Country" pockets for cue balls are decorated by handmade wraps of natural leather and common cotton nets are replaced by sturdier leather ones. We do not mass produce or use machines. All our "Country" products are entirely handmade. All our metal features including hooks, lampshades, pockets, and bolts are hammered and sculpted by metal smiths who finish the metal with metal brushers instead of the more efficient and economical sand blasters in order to match even these tiniest details to their liking. While each billiard table conforms to impressive standards, no two furniture pieces will ever be created alike because of the fact that they are handmade and hand-decorated, so you will truly own a work of art!





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