Going Global...

Let us proudly introduce ourselves to our English speaking friends...Kaldera Billiards Inc. is an innovative and well-established Billiard company with over 80 employees of high qualification that was started in Lithuania in 1991 and has grown into an international powerhouse with hundreds of dealers throughout Russia, Scandinavia, the Baltics, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Greece. Our latest venture is to expand across North America too. Thank you for being part of this venture by visiting our web site!

Now that you have a basic overview of our company, let us share additional information to give you a clear idea of our concept, reputation, and products. We first introduced our products in the North American market a few years ago, and we are delighted with the response and impressed by the caliber of clientele and business partners we have encountered here! We are official members of the BCA and participate in major BCA events. We have a large warehouse located just outside of Chicago from which we ship throughout North America, and we store large shipments of our products delivered from our mother facility in Lithuania.

Add a touch of the old country to your home...

Kaldera Billiards Inc. implores the latest technologies and the finest quality materials that money can buy to manufacture our distinctive billiard table and accessories. All Kaldera pool tables, be they American Standard or Russian Pyramid Standard, conform to the technical specifications and requirements set by both European and Russian Billiard Federations. The tables themselves are built using hardened wooden frames and thick, solid legs to ensure accuracy and durability on the playing surface. The timber used is selected High Mountain Russian Oaks and Maples, renowned in its strength and beautiful finish. Laminates are made with a mixture of the same wood shavings and a secret polypurene ideal for the person looking for that same durability but tight on the money. The fabric covering the tables is made by renowned European facilities Ivan Simonis, Gorina and others.

We take pride in our quality, affordability, and uniqueness, because we know that maintaining our high standards is what keeps our business so successful.

We welcome you to contact us via telephone or email if you have further questions.

Warmest Regards,

The Kaldera Team


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